Saturday, April 20, 2013

BK Presents Deborah Hunter

Chris and Deborah Hunter

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We were blessed by Sister Deborah Hunter of Hunter Heart Publishing as she came and shared her Books, Publishing Company and most importantly her Heart

Hear as she gives advice to artist in the kingdom and information about her two profound books entitled "The Call To Intercession" & "Breaking the Eve Mentality"

Author: Deborah G. Hunter
There is a clarion call going out to the Body of Christ to INTERCEDE for the nations of the world. We are seeing some of the worst economic, social, & political times in our history unfold right before our very eyes. The Word of God tells us that we will know the time of His coming only by the signs that we see all around us. We have to begin now, if we have not already, to stand in the gap, take our position on the walls, and set up our posts in the towers
Breaking the “Eve” Mentality is a book that outlines the mindset of one dealing with a cunning spirit of pride that eventually leads to the revealing of God’s heart on the matter of submission. Submission has been portrayed over years, decades, and even centuries as being a “woman’s” issue, but God desires that we all submit to a higher authority, so that order is brought back to our society; allowing us to live in peace. Submission is not only an issue that is to be dealt with in the confines of marriage, but also in our everyday society from our workplace, to the relationships that we hold, to our local and national governmental laws, to the church, and finally to the perfect will of God for our lives.
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