Monday, October 3, 2016

BK Presents Thankgiving Special

We hope you enjoy our Thanksgiving Special Radio Show
TBN Thanks Giving Dinner with
Sister B & Sister T

MaryMary - Thank You / Amar Khalil - Thank You

Thanksgiving Love

Vincent Tharpe - Thank you Lord / I’ll always love you - Gary Wyatt

Family&Friends Get Togethers

Jay Bellamy - You / Michelle Lang - More than anything

Thankfulness in Action

Sonya McGuire - Everlasting Love / Eddie Hunt - All around the world

Bible Verse on Thankfulness: Psalms 138

Tre Harris - Thank U / Sean Simmons - My Life

Walter Hawkins - Thank You

BK Presents
Hosted by BK TalentScout 
Produced by Genuine Life Media

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